Third Graders Design Simple Machine Playgrounds

Third Graders Design Simple Machine Playgrounds
Posted on 11/25/2019
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Students in Mrs. Cramer’s third grade classes explored simple machines through a hands-on learning activity. After exploring simple machines in everyday life and identifying the mechanical advantage given through the use of those types of devices, learners were able to apply their knowledge by designing and creating a simple machine playground. They had to include and identify all six types of machines that were incorporated in the design and building of their playground equipment. They went through the steps of the design process to devise their plan and to create a model. As they worked through the design process, they brainstormed, collaborated with team members and, sometimes, redesigned when necessary. Then, learners labeled their machines and displayed their playgrounds for all to see.

Students in Miss Dean’s class also learned about the six different simple machines: lever, screw, inclined plane, pulley, wheel and axle and wedge. In groups, students were given the task of creating four simple machines in the form of playground equipment. They were only allowed to use recyclable materials such as paper towel rolls, straws and cereal boxes.

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