Tobias, M.

English 10 Honors / English 11 / English 12AP

Mr. Tobias

Image of tribute sign to H. David Thoreau at Walden Pond

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About the Teacher

Mr. Tobias has been an English instructor within the South Park School District since 2008.  He presently teaches the English 10 Honors, English 11, and English 12 AP courses.  Throughout his tenure at South Park, Mr. Tobias has taught English at all grade levels at the high school, as well as additional courses such as Study Skills, Keystone Literature, Writing and Public Speaking, and Yearbook Publication.  For seven years, Mr. Tobias served as Advisor to the staff of South Park’s yearbook, Aquila.  During that time, the student publication earned its place into Walsworth’s Gallery of Excellence twice, first in 2014 and then once again in 2015.  Aquila also secured multiple Columbia Scholastic Press Association awards, including a gold medal for its eighty-first volume entitled EPIC.  Mr. Tobias is a Duquesne University alumnus, completing both his undergraduate and graduate work at the university to ultimately procure his B.A. in English, B.A. in Communications Studies, and M.A. in Education.  Mr. Tobias says that his passion and appreciation for literature is only surpassed by his dedication to the overall well-being and success of his students, and sincerely hopes that all who cross his threshold learn how to uncover the “divine idea” which Ralph Waldo Emerson says each of us represents.