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Welcome to 7th Grade World Cultures!

Mr. Jones
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 Course Description:

This course covers the content of people, geography, government, religion, and the scientific and mathematical ideas of ancient times and the Middle Ages.  Content covered includes the beginning of human society, the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages in Europe.  Students will explore the geography of various parts of the world viewing it through the five themes of geography, which are movement, region, location, interaction, and place.  Students will engage in learning this content utilizing skills that align with the  Common Core ELA standards.  This course also involves the use of technology for studying, review, labeling maps, writing, assessment, and enrichment.



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Online Textbook     

Our textbook no longer has an online version available.  :(

If you would like an extra textbook to keep at home, please email me to request one.