About the Library

When is the library open?

The library is open during school days from 7:20AM - 2:50PM


When may students visit the library?

Students may visit the library before school, during a scheduled study hall, as necessary during the school day and after school.


How do students sign out to the library?

  • Students in a scheduled study hall may sign out on a library pass.  Please see Mrs. Finberg for details or with questions. 
  • Students needing to make up classwork (test, quiz, assignment, etc.) should obtain a pass from the teacher for whom the work is being completed for. 
  • Students being tutored should sign in on the National Honor Society tutor sign in sheet.
  • All students not on a study hall pass are required to sign in and out of the library.


What is expected of students using the library?

While using the library media center students are expected to follow all school and district policies.


Students using the library should have an academic or quiet, creative purpose.  This may include:


  • Reading silently for class
  • Reading silently for pleasure
  • Studying (individual or with a group)
  • Completing class assignments
  • Tutoring
  • Using library resources for research (computers, books, etc,)
  • Playing chess, Scrabble
  • Coloring, origami, etc.


Students should be respectful of those around them and keep conversations to a low volume.


Students not engaged in appropriate activities (see those above) may receive disciplinary consequences.


How many books can I check out?

As many as you can read! Or as many as you need for research or an assignment.


What if a book is overdue?

Overdue notices are sent to homerooms once a week.  Students with overdue books at the end of the school year are referred to the office.


What if a student needs a book that the library does not have?

Students can use ACCESS PA to search for and request books from other libraries.  Also, students are encouraged to use the South Park Township Library!


Have a question?  Contact Mrs. Finberg.