Bailey, David

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Bailey


I am one of two Applied Engineering and Technology teachers at South Park High School.  It is my goal to provide my students with a fully interactive S.T.E.A.M. experience that will enhance their abilities throughout life.  Students taking these classes will acquire hand-on skills that will be tested with open-ended design activities.  Students will practice the design process to solve a variety of problems, build models and prototypes, test their solutions, and reflect on their experiences.  The value of these experiences will be realized in the workplace and at home.  Some of my most rewarding experiences in high school happened in the shop.

While attending Derry High School, I developed a passion for Technology Education classes and would later decide to pursue my interest at CAL U.
  I attended California University of PA and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education in 2000.  I was given the opportunity to begin my career at South Park School District directly after graduating from college.  I have enjoyed teaching at South Park for the last 16 years.

Please visit the Home Access Center to obtain student grades and classroom information including upcoming assignments and assessments.