Quast, J.

May the Force be with you.


Welcome to our classroom! In F207, my young padawans will learn Math and Science. I'm excited for us to explore these subjects, as well as the Force!

For those of you looking ahead to the school year, here is the suggested supply list:

- Notebooks (we will probably go through two for each subject by the end of the year, but only one for each subject will be needed at the start of the year)

- Pens, any color of your choosing (these are definitely preferred over pencils for day-to-day tasks because so much class time gets lost due to pencil-sharpening or re-filling of mechanical pencils)

- #2 Pencils (needed for Math activities and test-taking)

- Kleenex or tissues (always seems to go quickly!)

- Crayons/colored pencils/markers

- Folders (one for each subject)