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Courses Taught:
General Physical Education
Weight Training
Team Sports

Grade Level:

Course Objectives: Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Health & Physical Education
10.5.9.D Identify and describe the principles of training using appropriate vocabulary (specificity, overload, progression, aerobic/anaerobic, circuit/interval, repetition/set)

10.5.9.B. Describe and apply concepts of motor skill development that impact the quality of increasingly complex movement. 

10.5.12.E. Evaluate movement forms for appropriate application of scientific and biomechanical principles. 

10.5.12.A. Apply knowledge of movement skills, skill-related fitness and movement concepts to identify and evaluate physical activities that promote personal lifelong participation. 

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What to expect in Physical Education class:
General PE: Students will participate in CrossFit activities, group circuits, and core strengthening activities.

Team Sports: Students will engage in a variety of different team and individual sports including basketball, hockey, pickle-ball, badminton, speed-ball, football, nitro-ball, lacrosse, etc.

Weight Training: Students will strive to improve their bench press, back squat, deadlift, and push press weight training exercises. Students will complete a daily workout program in an effort to improve their 'max' weight lift at the beginning and end of each nine weeks.

Swimming: Students will learn a variety of swimming strokes, swimming safety, and exercise to improve their swimming endurance.

Locker Room Rules:
Students are not provided a personal lock for their gym locker, however, students are permitted to bring their own lock for their locker. Students can utilize their gym lockers for their daily workout clothes, shoes, ect.