Scavenger Race

Welcome to the Library! Mrs. Finberg - School Librarian


Library Scavenger Race

Goal: Follow the directions on each card to CORRECTLY complete the race in the FASTEST time.  Card Example


After searching in DESTINY online catalog, I go to the shelves and find these books. Which book has the SAME CALL NUMBER as the book I was looking for? Call Numbers SCAVENGER RACE DIRECTIONS When I say, "GO," 1. Pull ONE card from your team’s FACE DOWN pile. Some cards will ask you to write answers on your answer sheet.  Some cards will ask you to complete a task.

2. Complete the card.

3. Place the completed card FACE UP on your team’s table.

4. Pick ONE card from your team’s FACE DOWN pile.

5. Complete the card.

6. Repeat this process until you have completed all cards.

7. When you have completed all of the cards and have your answer sheet completed, declare “DONE!”

To win your team must have the most correct answers/cards in the fastest time. Accuracy counts more than speed. Do not run.